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These General Commercial Terms and Conditions apply to ordering a product from the Iva Vodáková – Durabo Internet shop.

By ordering a product the customer expresses his/her consent to these General Commercial Terms and Conditions.

You shall be required to provide valid data with which to identify yourself when placing your order. This data is necessary in order to make out a tax document and for the delivery of goods. The seller is not liable for problems arising as a result of submitting inaccurate or incomplete data.

The producer declares that all personal data is considered strictly confidential and that it shall be handled in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Sb. In no case shall we provide this data to a third party. The customer may request the removal of data from the company’s database in writing.


Your product order, which is also a draft contract of purchase, is confirmed by clicking on "PAY" and at this moment becomes binding for the customer and for Iva Vodáková - Durabo (hereinafter referred to as the “producer”). This also confirms your consent to these General Commercial Terms and Conditions of the producer.

The manufacture of the product shall commence following the payment of the order. You will be sent an informative e-mail and an invoice, which is your tax document, after the producer has received your payment. This concludes the contract between you and the producer for production and, where appropriate, delivery of your product, if the shipping of the product is part of the price.

Mutual rights and duties between the customer and the producer are created based on the contract made.

Payments are made exclusively in advance via the PayPal secure system, either directly from a PayPal account or by credit card into a PayPal account.

The customer shall pay all charges associated with this.


The price of a product is shown at the producer’s Internet shop. The price is invariably stated individually for the selected product. The price is valid at the time of the order and is final. The customer has the opportunity to ascertain the price before placing an order.

The price of a product includes as standard the actual manufacture of the product, shipping to the required destination and 21 % tax, the valid rate in the Czech Republic. If you are from a destination outside the EU or from a destination for which shipping is not specified, shipping is not part of the price of the product and it is necessary to collect the goods from the production plant at the following address: Iva Vodáková – Durabo, Na Stráni 1301, Čelákovice 25088.

In such case we will be happy to ensure shipping for you; please use the following address to additionally arrange shipping.

The price of a product for businesses from the EU that have valid registration for VAT does not include VAT.

Production terms include any orders for a larger quantity of product. If your order is smaller, the production time will be reduced.

The time for shipping the goods to your destination must be added to the production time. You will be regularly informed of all stages of production and dispatch by e-mail!

You will find shipping terms on the producer’s website:, under “Shipping terms”.


The producer deals with all orders based on the print data which the customer provides. Further information on the required format and the quality of data can be found on the producer’s website under “The quality of your data”.

You will be informed by e-mail of the quality of your data after the producer has received this data from you. In the event of any discrepancies in data, you will receive a report containing a precise assessment of the quality of your data. You may use this report to correct and re-provide data according to the instructions issued by the producer; otherwise the producer can put your data into a suitable format subject to mutual agreement. You will be informed by e-mail of receipt of the definitive version of the data that is to be used for the anthology.


The customer states that it owns all rights to use, transfer and publish the transmitted data, in particular as far as text and picture material is concerned. The customer itself warrants that it is not in breach of any rights of third parties and that the content of its printed material is not in conflict with the valid laws of the EU.

The producer shall not process print orders which violate valid laws or which could be prosecuted as administrative infractions. This means orders with racist, xenophobic, radical or unconstitutional content. Further, orders which violate ethical or moral principles.


Before accepting a consignment from the shipper, the customer is obliged to check without delay whether the goods suffered damage during shipping.  If defects to the sent goods are found, the customer is obliged to write out a defects report with the shipper or, where appropriate, to take photographs and to inform the producer in writing without delay.

The customer is also obliged to thoroughly check its goods and to report any defects or discrepancies of quantity to the producer in writing no later than within seven days of receiving the consignment by e-mail to or to the following address:

Iva Vodáková – Durabo

Na Stráni 1301

250 88 Čelákovice 


No warranty claim may be made for a product based on production using incorrect data, in particular data with low definition whose quality the customer was informed of but which it approved for production. Minor colour deviations are not considered defects.

In the case of a justified warranty claim, the producer shall rectify the defect by repair without charge or shall agree with the customer on a reduction in price or a replacement delivery.


These General Commercial Terms and Conditions are valid in the wording stated on the producer's website on the date of entering into a contract of purchase. The customer accepts all provisions of the General Commercial Terms and Conditions valid at the time of sending the order at the instant of entering into the contract of purchase, including the price of the ordered goods stated in the order, unless demonstrably agreed otherwise in a specific case.

Where a provision of these General Commercial Terms and Conditions or a provision within the scope of other agreement is or becomes ineffective, this shall not affect the effect of all other provisions or agreements.

Relations not regulated by the General Commercial Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of the Czech Republic.

Iva Vodáková – Durabo

Na Stráni 1301

Čelákovice 250 88

Czech Republic

Company Registration Number: 12229385

Tax Identification Number: CZ6154150376


By ordering your product you agree to the commercial terms and conditions of  Iva Vodáková - Durabo!