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The data should be prepared in compliance with the norm PDF/X1a:2001:

· PDF version 1.3

· all fonts including subsets must be embedded in the file

· resolution of bitmap images: 300 dpi (with ZIP or JPEG compression); resolution of clip art: 1,200 dpi (with CCITT Group 4 compression)

· use only composite CMYK, Grayscale, or spot colors (ideally, colors are clearly defined by a Pantone Solid Coated sample)

· no objects may be in RGB or LAB space

· do not insert ICC profiles (color management turned off)

· all objects must be inserted in the document (OPI functions are not permitted)

· the page box must be defined correctly (Media Box, Trim Box).

· bleed: 3 mm

· print marks may not reach the bleed area

· PDF files may not contain objects with transparency – it is necessary to merge the transparency in the source files (in the application Adobe InDesign set the merger of transparency at high resolution)

· transfer functions are not permitted

· do not use lines thinner than 0.2 points (0.07 mm)

· the document may not contain any embedded fragments of PostScript code, JavaScript, objects like forms, bookmarks, articles, links, videos, sounds etc.

· pages in PDF must be arranged successively (they may not be arranged side-by-side)

· the document may not be secured