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Forests of the world- responsibility for all

Bad management of the world’s forests and excessive timber harvesting should be matters drawing the attention of every country in the world. Companies that engage in illegal logging are continuing to try to make quick profits from tropical wood. In some areas, there is still widespread slashing and burning of woods. Then there are the farmers who destroy natural forests just in order to get land for palm groves and sugar cane plantations.

We therefore have plenty of good reasons for active cooperation with organizations like FSC®

(Forest Stewardship Council® – an organization promoting environmentally friendly forest management).

Raw materials from certified sources

Where do the raw materials used to make paper come from? How does the product get to the customer? FSC® certification offers a clear answer to both of these questions. Right at the start of the production chain, there is the forest management certificate (FM). This certificate is issued only to forests that are managed responsibly, in strict compliance with FSC® directives. The path from raw materials through their processing and on to the sale of products made from them is monitored, along with what is referred to as the chain of custody (CoC). Every link of this chain – each company – must meet strict requirements. Every link in the chain is regularly inspected by independent auditors. Only certified companies have the privilege of labeling their products with the FSC® symbol.

Definitely a good decision

The FSC® designation serves as confirmation that materials printed on paper are made of raw materials from sources that are managed responsibly. Companies using printed matter bearing the FSC® symbol are telling their customers and other parties involved that they are not indifferent to the environment when choosing their suppliers.