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  1. What format is required for preparing printing data?
  2. What is bleed, and why is it important?
  3. Why is it not possible to render payment for an order any other way than using PayPal or a credit card?
  1. What is included in the price estimate?
  2. What are the rules for prices with VAT and without VAT?
  3. Why do we need a VAT registration certificate?
  4. How long does it take to make books?
  5. Why do we use PUR book bindings?
  6. What is the smallest possible quantity that can be ordered?
  7. What can be done if none of the offered versions of books/catalogues/leaflets are suitable?
  8. How are products packed?
  9. Can goods be delivered with an earlier deadline?
  10. Can you rely on us?




  1. Detailed information about format requirements for printing data may be found right on the home page of our website under the heading “Quality of Printing Data.”
  2. The word ‘bleed’ refers to an area that is added to the dimensions of the net product format measuring 3 mm on every side. The graphic design must pass smoothly into the bleed. The reason is the cropping of printed pages. Without bleed, cropping the page edges would affect the net format of the page. (For example, if the dimensions of a page are 200 mm x 300 mm, the resultant page size for printing must have the dimensions of 206 mm x 306 mm).
  3. We try to provide our customers with the best services, so for on-line payment we have chosen the PayPal system, which is today the most secure and internationally recognized method of on-line payment. At no point during the entire transaction can your money be misused causing you financial damages of any kind. This system is fast and safe, so that we can provide a problem-free method of payment.
  4. The standard product price includes the actual manufacturing of the product, shipping to the required destination, and tax in the amount of 20% that is valid within the territory of the Czech Republic. If you are from a destination outside of the EU or for which the price of delivery has not been determined, shipping is not included in the product price, and it is necessary to take delivery of the goods at our manufacturing plant at the address: Iva Vodáková – Durabo, Na Stráni 1301, Čelákovice 25088.
  5. All of our prices include 20% VAT that is valid in the Czech Republic.

If you are a businessperson from the EU and you have valid registration as a VAT payer, your price will not include this tax. In this case, it is necessary to fill in your VAT registration number (DIČ) in the column under the heading “VAT reg. no. (DIČ)” and to send us a copy of your VAT payer registration.

For clients from outside of the EU, products are billed without VAT.

  1. All of our prices include the 20% VAT that is valid in the Czech Republic. If you are a businessperson from the EU, send us a copy of your valid VAT registration. Your price will then be calculated and billed without VAT. Your registration must be sent for verification of its validity.
  2. The time required for manufacturing books, catalogues, and leaflets can vary depending on the quantity ordered. If your order is smaller, the time required for manufacturing will be shorter, and you can expect to receive your product sooner. You also must not forget that the overall manufacturing lead time also includes shipping the goods to their selected destination. When placing an order, check the manufacturing lead time and the time required for shipping to various EU countries under the heading “Shipping deadlines.”
  3. V2 PUR binding is perfect, strong, flexible, and unbreakable. It is the best binding for your books. Precise polyurethane glue binding giving books the ideal strength. This binding is technologically proven and satisfies the highest aesthetic demands for a book’s visual value. The best manufacturers of books and catalogues use this binding.
  4. We can print from one copy up to thousands of copies of your book, catalogue, or leaflet. We will gladly manufacture any quantity for you.
  5. Even though we have tried to cover the entire range of possibilities for orders, it is possible that you have a different idea than we do about a product, so we offer our customers the possibility of having your order handled on an individual basis. For this purpose, make a “CUSTOM ORDER” that will allow you to set your own manufacturing parameters.
  6. Your printed products will be wrapped in foil or packed in boxes, and if required for the quantity of products, they will also be put on pallets.
  7. Every order is individual, varying with respect to difficulty of the job and the quantity ordered. Smaller, simpler orders cost less, of course, and can be produced with a shorter deadline. Goods can also be delivered more quickly by using express shipping, which we can offer on the basis of an individual price estimate. For express shipping, please contact us at the e-mail address:
  8. Above all, we wish to thank you for visiting our e-shop. We are offering you our perfect technology built up step by step over the course of 20 years so that everything fits together. Our processes are certified and, most importantly, are maintained in practice with the goal of making you products of the highest quality exactly the way you envision them.

You can rely on us!


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